Almost Paradise - Norman Petty Recording Studios - The Definitive History

DVD and Blu-Ray

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Packed with tons of exclusive photos & memorabilia
courtesy of Norman & Vi's families and the Petty Estate

Live Performances
Group Interviews
Tour Of The Studio


David Bigham (The Roses), Sonny West, The Fireballs

The Affection Collection

Mike Mitchell (Norman Petty Trio), Terry Noland

The Poorboys: Richard Porter & Carl Bunch

Dennis Paul, Barry Allen and
Stu Mitchell of Wes Dakus' Rebels

Mel Degan & Dennis Paul of Gainsborough Gallery

Robert Linville & David Bigham tell the story of "The Roses"

Jimmy Self

Richard Stevens & Aubrey DeCordova (String-A-Longs)
Tommy Allsup, Charlie Phillips, Gary & Ramona Tollett

Jimmy Torres of The String-A-Longs

vintage footage of Norman, Vi & others

Bob Yeazel of "Beast"

Dwayne Osepchuk of "Southbound Freeway"

Johnny Mulhair

Homer Tankersley

Lowell Bowman of "The Bowman Brothers"

The Big Beats

Carolyn Hester

Hope Griffith

Ken Broad of the Petty Estate

Jimmy Gilmer


Allan Mix (Shame Tree)

Dennis Ferbey (The Preachers)

Greg Walker

Johnny Lee Schell from "Baby"

Alyse Paradiso-Lamb of "The Brentwoods"

Larry Welborn other musicians, personal friends and family of Norman & Vi