Clovis Collection

For the first time on CD, their full length album in stereo,
4 rare singles tracks (in first time stereo),
plus 7 unreleased recordings
all from the Norman Petty Studios master tapes.

25 tracks from 1968-1973
Packaged in a full color, 6-panel eco-wallet with notes & photos

Ltd. Edition Pressing

Hey, Little Man
Still Hill
Good Neighbor Day
Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
London Towne
See What I Mean?
Happy Feeling
Keep Pushin’
Walk With Life
I’ve Got To Get Away
Sacroiliac Boop
If There’s A Thought


Four O’Clock
Lord Come 

Get Out Of My Life Woman
Hold Your Eyes *

as "The Feeling":
Low Down Woman
Warm Alberta Rain
I Will Follow
(full unedited version)
River’s Runnin’ *
The Great Elf March
Swamp Frog
Wake Up


Your Reviews:

"Congrats on the great work on the Happy Feeling disc.
Thrilled to have an official release of the the album plus the singles.
Especially loved hearing "Still Hill" in stereo for the first time.
Some of their later unreleased tracks have a distinct Five Man Electrical Band vibe to them. Very nice"

"great job. The new mixes are darn nice. Happy Feelings to you Shawn"
Jim Aiello (Happy Feeling)