Tim Feehan
Sneak Preview / Carmalita
2-on-1 CD

19 tracks - 74 minutes of music
one-panel flat LP style cover

With the success of our FOOTLOOSE CD release,
we received many e-mails asking about lead singer TIM FEEHAN's
rare post-Footloose solo albums.

We delved into the Damon Studios masters housed at Alberta Archives and located
the master tapes for his albums that were originally released on Mustard Records.

The original mixes were horribly lacking low end and clarity,
so we've given the audio our Super Oldies Super-Sonic remastering treatment
and we think they sound better than ever!

There are no notes or anything extra with the packaging,
just a straight forward and affordable reissue at a great price
that sure beats buying one of those out-of-print imports for $$$.

PLUS: you'll get to enjoy the release immediately with a free FLAC download
while you are waiting for your CD in the mail.


Sneak Preview (1981)
Beackseat - Backbeat
Go Ahead & Break My Heart
Sneak Preview
Don't Be Shy
Friday Night
Give Us Your Name
Up, Turned, Down & Around
Try Harder

Carmalita (1983)
Wrong Number
Bad Sister
Over & Over
Take Her By Surprise
Wait One More Day
Never Say Die
Sadie J

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USA: $12.99


"Thanks for everything you do, Shawn!  Truly great job on this... sounds pristine!!!! " ~ Curtis