Joyce Hahn - Discography

Joyce was born January 31, 1929 in Eatonia, Saskatchewan.
During her popularity in the mid 1950's she was billed as being 4'11 and 92 pounds.

Joyce performed from the mid-1930s to the early 1940s with The Harmony Kids,
then in a duo with sister Kay from 1947-50 with Peter Barry's Rhumba Band.
She was a soloist 1948-'56 on various CBC Montreal radio shows, including with the Bob Hahn Quartet,
co-starring 1955-60 with Wally Koster on CBC TV's "Cross-Canada Hit Parade" and its successor "Music '60".

Besides being a popular live draw, she was featured on most of Bob's jingles from the mid '50s to the late '60s
when she opted for married life and raising children and going into semi-retirement from the music scene.

Here are her commercial releases:

  • Why Should I / You’ve Got The Love (Sparton 220R) [Feb. 1956]
  • I Was Wrong / (The Kind Of) Girl For Joe (Sparton 78 & 45: 259R) with Art Morrow & His Orchestra [April 1956]
  • The Grass Was Greener / I Gotta Know (Sparton 346R (Canada) and Cadence 1298 with Pic Sleeve (USA) [Oct. 1956]
  • Gonna Find Me A Bluebird / I Saw You, I Saw You  (Cadence 1318) (UK: London 8453)  Billboard #84 [May 1957]

  • Trying To Forget About You / Did You Close Your Eyes (Cadence 1332) and (Sparton 4-526) [Nov. 1957]
  • The Picnic (Theme From "Sandwich Time") / I Cried & Cried (Sparton CP 5901) [June 1959]
  • Hold Me / One Day Not So Long Ago (King 5241 in USA, Sparton 4-780 in Canada) [June 1959]
  • C-Q Serenade  / Dah-Di-Dah-Dit, Dah-Dah-Di-Dah (promotional 45RPM Record) Q-S-O Label (CT-26815/26813) [May 1960]
  • Montreal / Life Is A Drag (Columbia C4 2754) [April 1967]
  • Another Lonely Day / The Girls & The Boys (Columbia C4-2760) [June 1967]
  • CBC Radio "Jazz From Canada" transcription disc - Show #13 (one-sided disc for station use only)
    features Joyce on 2 tracks "Guess Who I Saw Today / Lullaby Of Birdland"
    backed by Art Morrow Orchestra (year unknown)
  • a few Canadian radio ads include: 5 Roses Flour / Coronation Olives / Gleem Toothpaste / Kleenex / Moishe Hymavitch cigarettes
    Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes / Sobey's Grocery Store / Silvo software polish / V-H Chinese Sauces / Terra Nova Motors

compiled by Shawn Nagy - Thanks to Marc Coulavin

April 1957 - Billboard magazine

"Music '60"

"Cross Canada Hit Parade" (1960)