Joyce & Bob Hahn, 1946

Being born and raised in Saskatchewan, I have always been quick to acknowledge and preserve whatever musical productions of fellow Saskatchewan musicians that I can find - problem being, there are not too many of them. Mel West & The Meteors, Canadian Downbeats, Stu Mitchell of Wes Dakus' Rebels are just a few that I've managed to find vintage music for. I was very pleased to learn that the man known as Canada's "Jingle King" was also a native of my former home province. Whether you realize it or not, if you are Canadian, you have sung along with one of his productions.

Bob Hahn (born Robert Henry Hahn) was born in the small town of Kindersley, Saskatchewan on April 8, 1920. In the mid-1930s Bob, his brother Lloyd, and his sisters Kay and Joyce were organized by their father Harvey into a musical troupe "The Harmony Kids" performing throughout Saskatchewan Montana, New Jersey, New York City, and eventually performing on Broadway during the Great Depression which was quite an accomplishment.

With the entry of the USA into World War II, the family returned to Canada, settling in Montreal by 1942. After serving during the war in the RCAF, Hahn joined the Toronto dance band of Neil Golden, which moved to Hamilton, Ontario. There Hahn studied orchestration and composition 1946-'48 with Reginald Bedford before returning to Montreal and forming the "Bob Hahn Quartette" featuring his sister Joyce. The group was heard from 1951-'56 with the Art Morrow Orchestra on various CBC radio shows.

It was in the early '60s that Bob realized that unlike US stations, Canadian stations had no unique IDs and began the production and shopping of radio and TV station IDs across Canada.

Also in the 1960s, he provided input that led to the new Broadcast Act and Cancon legislation. In 1969 he recorded a local Montreal group "The Triangle", shopping the tracks to major labels and was credited by the band, renamed "Mashmakhan", for arranging for their first contract with Columbia. In the late '60s he was performing and recording with his own groups "Bob Hahn & The Canadians". Numerous acts were signed to labels such as Warner Brothers, RCA, and Polydor.

Throughout the '70s he created his own record labels "Astra Records" and "Rising Records", releasing products on Rick Neufeld, Kurt & Noah, Lisa Hartt Band, Billy Mysner, Keath Barrie, Rick Livingston and many others.

Hahn was general manager of the music division of Multiple Access Ltd in Montreal 1974-'78, then established Bob Hahn Productions Inc in Toronto in 1978, thereafter tracing unpaid royalties for other composers, and music rights for film use, until his retirement in 1984. He wrote a book of his career "None Of The Roads Were Paved" which was released in 1985.

After Bob passed away in 1993 at the age of 73, his productions were stored away in the care of his daughter Kathy. After a potential endeavour to preserve and digitize his reel tapes fell through, once again the tapes sat collecting dust.

In 2013, Super Oldies tackled the task of preserving Bob's legacy by reaching an agreement with Kathy to release some of the music from his various productions, and digitizing the many reels of his years in jingle production.

As for Joyce Hahn's work, she was the lead vocalist on most of his jingles as well as as session vocalist for CBC radio & TV shows such as "Cross Canada Hit Parade" with inumerable recording credits, although a select discography of her major label releases are listed below. Joyce is currently residing in Nevada.


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